Thursday, March 19, 2009

She needed to REDUCE her ALCOHOL FOOTPRINT Magnet

And while I am giving credit where credit is due...another thank you to my friend, Bryan, for his words of wisdom used in this magnet.
I am sure we can all relate to this sentiment at one time or another! Ouch!
This and many more new designs are now available at my Etsy shop.

He thought he had MOJO, She thought he had NOJO MAGNET

A big thank you to my friend, Peter, for the inspirational words used in this magnet! Your sentiments will be used to hold up precious photos and "to-do" lists on fridge's across America for years to come! Ahhh, such is your legacy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I need help with this design...

I need your help with this new magnet design. As you can see, I want it to have an unemployment theme, but I don't want to offend anyone! How dare I make fun of anyone unemployed in this economic downturn!

Please vote for which one of the designs is the LEAST OFFENSIVE...but funny of course!


Unemployed is like a vacation from work!

Vote for #3

"Unemployed is like a vacation from work!"

Unemployed looks better with a TAN!

Vote for #2

"Unemployed looks better with a TAN!"

My job recently asked me to go on permanent VACATION!

Vote for #1

"My job recently asked me to go on permanent VACATION!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magnetic Fridge Notepad

I have been working on a new collection of merchandise for my new division called "Urban Observations". I have a collection of notebooks and pocket notes already created and over the weekend, I introduced a new MAGNETIC FRIDGE NOTEPAD!

This handy notepad comes with 30 sheets ready to be filled with your ideas, shopping lists, errands and things to do. Each page tears off easily so you can take your notes with you.

Check out more stuff at

Artists! Why do we have a need to create and constantly challenge ourselves with new ideas? Big ideas, little ideas, ideas just for the fun of crafting and creating and other to actually earn money and make enough to buy a new pair of strappy sandals, just in time for spring! hehe

Tuesday, I had a the privilege of hosting a "craft" day with local Ann Arbor artist, Kate Kehoe. Kate and I did a machine swap and I used her 3.5" compact mirror maker and in exchange, she used my 3" x 2" rectangle magnet maker for some of her wonderful photo designs.

What a fun afternoon! Besides sharing machines we also shared techniques, etsy tips and thoughts for the upcoming craft show circuit. I will be featuring some of the compact mirrors I created on my etsy page so check them out!

A huge thank you to my assistant, Natasha Keasey, for being my model in several photos!