Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

What started out as an attempt to design some Valentine Cards, turned into the creation of eight Holiday designs instead! Due in part to the lack of valentine images I have in stock and the thought that I myself would need to send out some holidays cards soon.

I ordered olive green and red recycled envelopes for the holidays designs, which should arrive early next week, and I will spend the Thanksgiving "break" writing out my holiday cards to my friends.

It's beginning to look, and feel, a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


How does the time go by so quickly? It is mid November and the year is winding down. I am setting my business goals for 2010 and realized that the economy will still play an immense part of sales and confidence.

I just completed the 2010 catalog which will go to print this week. I now need to post it on the web site.

We made many changes to the collection for the coming year. I have been so stubborn regarding the square format of my cards, which I prefer. But customers and reps have repeatedly asked for 5X7 format so I chose 12 of the best selling designs and reformatted them into the rectangle format. It will be interesting to see the reaction in the coming months.

We also included the "NOTE TaGS" into the collection and I am very excited about this addition. I like the vintage meets retro appeal and pre-sales have been very good.

My licensing deal for Cocktail Napkins with Boston International fell through last month but I will be licensing a collection of Washington State images from a Seattle artist in 2010. The artist, Glen Smith of "Rainbow Connections" painted beautiful scenes of the area he knew and loved and has had a line of greeting cards with his images for many years. Since passing, his collection is now in the hands of his daughter, Susan Wolfe, who is my Washington State sales rep. She has graciously asked me to produce a line of magnets using these amazing images. I am looking forward to a long and profitable union with her.

I guess the theme for the upcoming year is best described by my pal, David Bowie, Chhhhhhhanges.