Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric Mirrors and Buttons

I heart fabric! I can't walk into a fabric store without browsing the aisles and touching all the fabric. My brother is a furniture designer and works with fun retro fabrics so I guess it runs in the family!

We have been working on new ideas using fabric and have created wonderul fabric covered pinback buttons and 3" mirrors.

I love the texture and rich look that fabric brings to each item. Some fabrics we use are vintage, others are recycled shirts and scarves.

Pinback buttons retail for $2.50 each and Mirrors at $6.00 each.

Wooden Note Tag Display

We found it! The perfect display to offer with our NOTE TaGS!

The display works great with the vintage retro feel of the NOTE TAGS and comes in two different sizes. The smaller version, which is shown to the right, holds 9 card designs and the larger version holds 12 different card designs. Each have a clear plexiglass front panel so the entire card image and text can be seen.

Contact us for more details or you can view all the details on our web site.