Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Where does inspiration come from? Everywhere and in everyday events. Sometimes inspiration comes via a third party who says "hey, I got one for you!" Throughout this blog I have given credit to others if I use one of their sayings in my work. I am always happy to give credit where credit is due. When we receive and idea, we google the phrase to see if anything pops up ie; is it already out there. If not, we use it! While Google is not always reliable, it is our best option to find catch phrases. I have never claimed to have come up with 100% of the text used in my work. Hey, I can't be funny ALL the time, ya know! I think the same goes for all writers and there are certain common phrases that we tweak to make our own.

So what happens when we use a phrase someone has given us and it does indeed have an origin? That is the question of the week and one for our lawyer to find out! (not an angry mob to decide)

Monday, May 3, 2010