Sunday, July 26, 2009

So she thinks she can out TWITTER me?

I love pairing vintage photos with updated text! At this time, computers and cell phones didn't exist so the chain of communication was GOSSIP!

Now the "he said, she said" is in print with emails and text messages and can be easily referenced if needed...boy has that gotten a lot of people in trouble!

No, I am not a Twitter gal, but I get the concept.

Now that I'm on Facebook, there is no reason for us to get together in real life!

I love facebook! It connects all my friends in all the different time zones and it has reduced my communication guilt level immensely. I no longer get emails asking to send them photos of my son, or what I am up to...they can see it on Facebook.

I had an inspirational day yesterday and created new cards, magnets and buttons. My reps like to have a "new release" of merchandise at least twice a year so I needed to snap to it. But as an "artist" those moments of creativity just don't happen everyday. I was on a roll and stayed indoors all day just to crank out some new material. It felt great and I needed the burst of energy.