Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect Man?? Magnet

My son said to me this morning, "You know, girls don't understand boys and boys don't understand girls. It must be nice to be an adult and have all the mysteries figured out." Ha! Did I have the heart to tell him that I am no closer to figuring out the male species even at my age? My work is filled with the questions and quandries of dating and relationships. So for now, I channel my inner frustrations into my creative designs and hope that other women out there are having a chuckle too. And what if I fall in love someday? Would my work become sappy and lovey-dovey? Like Hallmark? Yikes! I guess I should thank all men out there for the confusion they have caused throughout the years and continue making funny stuff for other people enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsy Customer Feedback

I would like to share some recent "feedback" on my Etsy page. I makes my day to receive comments such as these!

Silly philosophy tickles my funny-bone! This artist and seller is one of my ultimate favorites. I plan on buying more for gifts as they make people laugh and that's the best gift you can give in my opinion! This Etsy seller comes highly recommended by me and I am a big fan of shopping on-line! Thanks Mindeyecards!
Revenge Magnet
I network in my job and this is so appropriate to what I do...Not to mention gossip makes things interesting. I sure appreciate the retro artwork on this particular one. Seller is professional and wraps each magnet carefully! Go for it and buy em' up because in the retail stores they can cost a bundle!
Networking Magnet
My girlfriend laughed so hard when we were surfing Etsy and found this magnet. I had to get it for her. Anything that makes you laugh hard is money well-spent in my estimation. I bought 4-5 magnets and will buy more.
Pack Your Bags We're Going On A Guilt Trip Magnet
My favorite. It suits me so well. I think of it often even though it is on the frig at home. It makes me giggle and smile each time! So worth it, when the humor is so healthy for a stressful work day. It would make a fun gift too!
Win or Lose Magnet
This magnet is going to my warped Brother. It is a crack up! Who wouldn't love this gag gift? Hilarious!
Stiff One Magnet

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can I Offer You a Stiff One Magnet

As you can tell, I am feeling kinda "saucy" today!

This image is available as a Birthday Card (inside greeting says "I'll drink to that! Happy birthday!" and a Fridge Magnet and Button!

Happy Hour, here I come!

Is it time for happy hour yet? Time to clock out and head to nearest brewpub! Run, Forest, run!

This image is available as a Birthday Card, Fridge Magnet and Button!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I just forgot what I was forgetting Magnet

My eight year old came up with this saying after I repeatedly asked him to brush his teeth. So, the saying isn't just for us old folks anymore! Must be hereditary!

This image is available in a Birthday Card, Fridge Magnet and Button on Etsy

Get your own damn cup of coffee Magnet

Luckily I don't need to fight my eight year old for the morning coffee! He does know, however, that Mommy's first priority in the A.M is one serious cup o' joe!

Stimulating the Economy Magnet

I customized this magnet for a super shopper girlfriend!
She is the reason most stores still exhist!

I won't need my MEDS Magnet

Actually, I DO need my "meds" on beautiful days...allergies!

This image is available as a Birthday Card, Fridge Magnet and Button on my Etsy page.

Bad Daddy Magnet

I designed this for an EX...who shall remain nameless!

My first day as a "blogger"!

Wow, my first day as a blogger! Bare with me folks, I am just getting started. I always have so much to say but when it comes time to actually say know!

I guess my big news is that I am finally going FULL TIME with my business, Minds Eye Design, this month! Thanks to my wholesale clients and my wonderful customers.

I have dreamed of this day since September 2005 when I realized that I did indeed have a viable business. What is Minds Eye Design, you ask? I design retro inspired greeting cards, fridge magnets and buttons. My official title is "Creative Diva"! My designs are reflective of my personal life, my friends and family and the current social environment. I take note of things going on in the world and the world around me. I know that everyday situations can get us down, frustrate and confuse us but at the end of the day all we need is a GOOD LAUGH! That is the best remedy for all that ails us.

I guess the best way to describe all of this is to post some of my work....