Monday, May 25, 2009

It's May?!

Wow, I realized that I haven't updated my Blog is weeks! Where has the time gone? And it isn't because there hasn't been tons to talk about either.

Despite the economy, sales are brisk and steady. I introduced a collection of pocket mirrors, created 12 new rectangle magnet designs, 16 new button designs and updated my catalog with ALL new products. Sample products and catalogs were then sent to my wonderful existing rep force throughout the U.S. Without the support of my sales team, Minds Eye Design wouldn't survive!

I placed an ad on Great Reps (.com) to increase my sales force in territories not already covered and now have representatives in Florida, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Conversations are on-going with other sales teams and individuals in other territories as well so I hope to add to the list soon!

My project for this week will be choosing a POP (point of purchase) display unit for the POCKET MIRRORS so the stores are better able to merchandise them and increase sales. I love introducing new products and designs but the added responsibility is always finding packaging solutions and appropiate counter displays at an affordable price.

I love my job!

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