Monday, January 26, 2009

My first day as a "blogger"!

Wow, my first day as a blogger! Bare with me folks, I am just getting started. I always have so much to say but when it comes time to actually say know!

I guess my big news is that I am finally going FULL TIME with my business, Minds Eye Design, this month! Thanks to my wholesale clients and my wonderful customers.

I have dreamed of this day since September 2005 when I realized that I did indeed have a viable business. What is Minds Eye Design, you ask? I design retro inspired greeting cards, fridge magnets and buttons. My official title is "Creative Diva"! My designs are reflective of my personal life, my friends and family and the current social environment. I take note of things going on in the world and the world around me. I know that everyday situations can get us down, frustrate and confuse us but at the end of the day all we need is a GOOD LAUGH! That is the best remedy for all that ails us.

I guess the best way to describe all of this is to post some of my work....

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